Thursday, 28 August 2008

Well a niver!. Am ur amazed, an flummoxed

Heer dae yoose know whit huz jist happened tae me.
A huv jist been contacted by a wee burd frae Thailand, an a huv a funnie feelin thit she could be ma great great grand daughter, so she could
Ah know, a know, but its a lang storie so it is!!!
A hud been travellin awe aroon the wurld fur a bit. Glesca hud become a bit depressin durin the Depression awe the 1920`s so a sub let ma hoose in the Trongate, got ma sel a aroon the wurld ticket frae St Enoch`s Station an legged it oota Glesca.
A knew in ma bones thit the wurld wiz ghangin rapidlie an a wanted tae huv a look aroon before it changed.