Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Haw wee man whit ur ye tawkin like this fur

Whin ah legged it frae France, a figured it wid be a guid idea tae sorta merge in. So whereever ave stayed over the years, ah huv taken oan the accent, even if only fur a cupple ah weeks. Ah even dae it durin the Glesga Fair Fortnight whin a go oan wan ah ma holidays abroad. Av fund it keeps pryin eyes shut longer, if ye know whit ah mean.
Ah can go intae any pub in Glesca an huv a good time either wae ma sel ur punters that ah just happen tae meet over a pint or two.
Ah mean tae say, am a Tallie by birth, but by lifestyle ah suppose am a internationalist. Itchy feet by necessity. Paul Simon summed me up well, "Diamonds on the soles of ma shoes". An a huv, a made them ma sel.


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