Monday, 6 August 2007

Ma wee pal Oksana draps by

12.01 AM saturday ma mobie rings, "ring, ring!!!!!"

Me "Hullo"

"Sveetie how are yooo, what you doing" Its Oksana ma wee russian pal.

Me "Nuttin much, how you doin?"

Oksana "You at puter, you answer phone fast. Oooh am fine. Daling you know what. I Come visit you, you got wine?

Me "Aye awrite, but ave only goat the wan boatil. Its that wan ah had pit by fur yer birthday last month, before that pal oh yoors scudded ye an kyboshed the whole thing. Its a 2003 La Rouillere Rose Shampane that a get af ma pal Billie fur no a lot a dosh. Its aw a huv in the flat rite noo that an a wee bit a blaw>"

Oksana "Ok! Sveetie we will come soon" She wis bringin the wee dug. Its name wis Bonnie, reminded me of a prince a wance hung aboot wi fur a while. But thats another storie

Ah stopped doodlin quite a few years ago, ah just got bored, ah hid dun it aw anyhow.
But if ah wis tae dae a photie of wee Oksane noo then it wid be alang the lines a this wan a did a while back. Its no much like her granted, but its got a wee dug.
Mebbie a jist like wummin wae dugs.

La dama con Lermellino Leonardo da Vinci


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