Monday, 6 August 2007

A Russian, a fast black a melon, an a memory

A herd the taxi pull up ootside ma place, way the usual comotion.

Okasana "Sveetie open the gate, I`m here, I`m here!!!. Bonnie, Bonnie come here. Daling I miss you very much. mmmmmmmoo!!" It had only bin 4 or 5 days since a had seen her.

Me "How are ye hen, ye look great", we wir awe inside an a locked the gate an the door. The wee dug wis birlin awe aroon the place its wee tail waggin, ears flappin and barkin its wee lungs oot.

Oksana "ah Bonnie she love you very much daling, looka I bring Vodka and this, it OK?" Oot of her small blue handbag she pulled a melon, ah thot tae ma sel, threes a crowd. Well she wisnae exactly a wee wummin if ye know whit ah mean!

Me "Rite git up the stairs the pair a yeese, an make yer sels a hame as usual, av goat sum watter fur wee Bonnie! Ah dont huv tae ask you if ye want a drink tea ah!"

Oksana "Fuck You!" It wis her usual toast an like every russian ah hid ever known she ment it, the wee darlin.

She didnae know it but she aye brot back an old memory, fra a long time ago, tae me. Ah hid left France, aye thats rite ah left France, an a thot I wid wander north as the fancy took me. Ah eventually ended up in East Germany, it wis called Prussia in they days, in a wee toon called Stettin. Well as wis wanderin aroon gettin ma bearins, when ah bumped intae this wee burd called Sophie. Well we fell fur each uther rite away, she wis like a wee ripe fig jist waitin tae be peeled open, an ah wis rite up fur it. We managed tae keep the hole thing under wraps fur a good bit, but eventually the family goat wind ah whit wis happenin, an packed her aff tae Russia. Ah wis lucky tae leg it oantae a boat in the harbour that wis jist aboot tae leave. As a jumped oan the skipper said "wher ye goin pal?" "wherever you ur big man" ah said.
"Well yer goin tae Scoatland then, awe rite. Ye better git doon the stairs an get that fancy suit aff an earn yer grub wee man"
We landed at Leeth an a wrote her a letter. We hud worked oot a secret way ah keepin in touch way each uther.
A wee while later a goat a letter back frae hur, they hud changed hur name tae Cathie and she wis jist aboot tae get married aff tae some big shot in a toon called St Petersburg. Ah hud a we lump in ma craw when ah read that bit ah the letter. But we kept up way the letters over the years, ah huv still goat hurs tae me, an she kept me up wae awe the public an private stuff she wis up tae over there.
Christ a still miss her a wee bit ye know
Cathie wis great, christ did she know how tae ride a horse, some oh the stories aboot her and horses, that she told me aboot. They jist don`t make wummin like that anymer, well no very often.

Rearing Horse Leonardo da Vinci


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