Friday, 24 August 2007

Av goat everythin ah need, Am an Artist ah Dont look back

Weil no very often. Regrets av had a few, bit no that many really. Av done pretty much whit av wanted tae do. But av managed tae dae things way a bit ah careful plannin alang the way. Av hud tae be careful at times but av aye done whit ah wanted, pretty much.
Av had ma share ah some crakkin we burds oer the years an we awe had great times an a good laugh the gither. Bit sooner ur later ah wid aye huv a wee tear in ma eye. Ah miss every blessed bit ah every wan ah them lassies so a dae. Bit ma live goes oan so it duz, it jist keeps goain oan. Regrets? Naw av met too many good people, a lot mer ah suppose thin ah really shood huv, bit thats the way it goes.
Av met some right bastards as well, but ah better git oot an dae sum shoppin fur ma tea the nite. Doon the stairs tae the White Eagle Polish Deli fur a sweet n sour loaf, then up tae the Fish Place fur a bit ah venison, Peckhams fur a couple a bottles ah red wine, back tae the hoose pit the venison caserol on settle doon wae a gless a wine an listen tae sum Keith Jarrett. Noo that wee buggers music always reminds me aw yon book by Hess, Das Glasperlenspiel fur some reason. See whit ye think yer self.

Keith Jarrett playing. Footage from "Keith Jarrett: Last Solo". Tokyo '84 Encore