Monday, 6 August 2007

icniV ad odraneoL m`I olleH

Christ! a better stop daein that, yoose ill no understaun a word ah whit am writin
Av been aroun a long time noo, an that bam Broon, wrote a lot ah shite aboot me so ah thot a better set the record strate.
Yes! amur a GENIUS, but its no ma fault!
Its bloody tuff bein` a genius al tell ye!, an thats fur sure.
Al gie ye a wee example.
Last week I tried tae get a job wi TESCO packin shelves at nite (a thot weil a cannie sleep anyway so a might as well dae sumpthin.)
A goat a letter back the day frae there "Human Resourses Manager" (cum oan they sell pigs, they don`t employ them dae they!)



Thank you for your recent application for a position with our company.
Unfortunately at this moment in time we have a full compliment of staff in all of our Glasgow stores and are unable to offer you a post at present.
Please feel free to apply to us in the future.

yours sincerley

Bob Mycock Human Resources Manager
TESCO an Equal Opportunity Company

The Prick coudnae even spell ma name rite (ok so ah probably wrote the letter backwards, habit ae lifetime a guess)
Bit it wis ma third reject this week,

ASDA .....We regret......
Royal Infirmary.... cleaning is an arduous job...a man of your years.....

Well a guess its back tae ma pigeons fur a while!!!!
Hey! dae ye think the prick looked like this....

Anatomy of a Male Nude Leonardo da Vinci


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